WellnessFX, Thyroid Issues, and . . . Gluten Free?

credit: http://livefromlaquinta.com/

Personal trainer. Coach. Vegan. Debbie Woodruff has dedicated her whole life to fitness. Now, with much to celebrate as she nears her 55th birthday, she wants to take her health to the next level. She decided to get a WellnessFX Baseline blood-draw.

Debbie is no stranger to blood tests. But when she had one a year ago, she hardly received any context with her results. She spent precious time in front of a computer looking up what everything meant, and what levels were considered healthy. WellnessFX, on the other hand, supplied a “web page that, once your results come in, shows you the results of your tests, the healthy and unhealthy ranges, plus a link to explain each result.”

Here are some highlights from her WellnessFX experience:

  • Getting her blood drawn was fast and easy. The staff was super nice, and even allowed her to take pictures (which you can see on her blog).
  • Debbie received her results just two days later by e-mail. Though most of her biomarkers were great, her TSH levels were a topic of concern. With the clear explanation included with her results, Debbie now knew why she had been so tired lately: an under-active thyroid.
  • Another area of concern was her cholesterol levels, namely LDL (the ‘bad cholesterol’) and ApoB. Debbie, as you can imagine, was anxious for her consult.
  • Debbie’s WellnessFX practitioner advised that she cut down on the carbs, eat protein at every meal (pea or rice protein powder was recommended), and limit fruit to 3-4 servings a day. After following these steps Debbie will hopefully see her cholesterol levels take a dive!
  • Debbie’s Vitamin D was also a little low and she was advised to supplement with mushroom powder. Interestingly, the vitamin D in that product is made from UV light, just like it is in people!
  • Finally, Debbie was told that she should try and go gluten-free. Not only will this change potentially help with her thyroid function, but with her migraines and ‘ghost’ pains as well.

It sounds like Debbie had an overall awesome experience! The hardest change for her, she admits, will be going gluten free. But she’s trying! Follow her progress and transition on her blog. We look forward to seeing how the new insights into her personal system biology will impact her life and her health!

Read her full account here: Taking Steps to #OptimizeHealth

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Thank you for sharing this story. It really adds a human element to what could be a frightening experience. Can you tell I am one of those who gets faint during blood draws? I like how she got specific recommendations from you.

Thank you so much for featuring me! A great article and it is all so true! I loved my experience with Wellness FX and I am trying to follow all the recommendations given at my consultation. I hope everyone will follow along as I make these changes, which I will, of course, write about on my blog.