WellnessFX = No More Asthma?

credit: JustAColoradoGal.com

Do you know someone who has a ‘weird’ case of asthma? They don’t have any environmental allergies or exercise-induced asthma, like most people with the disorder, but still suffer severe symptoms? We recently received a new member through the FitFluential Campaign who has this ‘weird’ asthma. Known as Colorado Gal from her blog, she was diagnosed ten years ago with moderate-to-severe asthma, and has experienced symptoms of it all her life. She doesn’t have environmental allergies and exercise doesn’t exacerbate her symptoms. The main problem is her lungs: they’re just too swollen and inflamed.

Colorado Gal just so happened to come across an opportunity to receive a blood draw and consultation from WellnessFX. Being health-conscience, she thought the experience could be beneficial, and wasn’t thinking much about her asthma at the time. Surprisingly, she learned something potentially crucial about her allergies: they could be related to her diet. Now she’s taking steps to rectify this, and is excited about the possibility of being allergy free.

Here are some highlights from Colorado Gal’s WellnessFX experience:

  • Filling out the detailed questionnaire about her health was tantamount in ensuring a helpful consultation with her practitioner
  • Her results were e-mailed to her and broken down in easily interpreted categories
  • During her consultation with Dr. Smith, she learned that her Irish heritage may have something to do with her allergies and her high inflammation levels
  • Now she is going to get tested for gluten sensitivity. It’s possible that gluten could be responsible for her unexplained asthma

We’re excited to see if Colorado Gal can beat her asthma, and will be checking in on her blog for updates! As for her WellnessFX experience and whether she thinks it’s worth your time, she had this to say:

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