Another Positive (read: #Gutsy) Experience at WellnessFX

No, you’re not the only one #Gutsy Girl.

When certain recommendations are made for your health (whether it’s new medications or supplements or a new workout plan), it’s important to know the underlying reasoning. Understanding the various ways our organs work, how they can go wrong, and the biomarkers that alert us can help a person be more motivated, confident, and overall more successful in turning their health around for the better.

Recently one of our members from the FitFluential campaign went in for her WellnessFX Baseline blood draw and had a very good experience. She’s one of those people who has been to the doctor, given a bunch of numbers about her health, and walked away more confused and unsure about her well-being than before! On the contrary, WellnessFX provided her with the clarity needed to interpret her results.

Here are a few highlights from her visit:

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    Be sure to take advantage of scheduling ahead when going in for your blood draw!

  • Results came in just a few days, right to her e-mail inbox
  • Although she recognizes that such a diet might not be for everyone, Gutsy Girl eats a lot of fat, and her triglycerides turned out to be super low!
  • Gutsy Girl was very pleased with her consultation with Dr. Shauna Lynch, mainly due to her holistic approach to medicine
  • Gutsy Girl is a health coach, and she will be recommending this service to her clients as part of her understanding how to best help them achieve their goals.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out Gutsy Girl’s full experience by clicking below!

#Gutsy Blood Tests and #OptimizeHealth

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