WellnessFX Practitioner Ben Greenfield on Training and Winning

Depending on your health hurdles, your triumphs and any lofty fitness goals you may have, your health guru may be your family physician, your acupuncturist or your personal trainer. At WellnessFX, we offer a network of practitioners that range from medical doctors to dieticians and nutritionists, all with a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

One of our wellness gurus is Ben Greenfield, a WFX practitioner, sports nutritionist and personal trainer. Ben helps his clients with weight control, sports performance, holistic medicine and lifestyle management. A triathlete himself for the last nine years, Ben demonstrates a devotion to health, quantified living and the victory that comes with working toward your goals.

Using a tailored training and nutrition program, much like the ones he recommends for his clients, Ben recently finished first at the Leadman 125 Triathlon in Bend, Oregon. The gorgeous Pacific Northwest course starts with a 2.5km swim in chilly Citrus Lake at about 5,000 feet, then transitions into a hilly 106km bike course, and ends with a 16.5km run along the banks of the Deschutes River.

Ben’s unique style of training results in an eight to 10 hour training week, in contrast to most tri-trainers who push training to an average 15 to 25 hours per week. “I only train for 60 minutes each day, with one long workout on the weekends,” he explains. “Rather than training excessively, I put more focus into the quality and intensity of my training, recovery, sleep and diet.

“As a coach, I have the challenge of looking at my client’s healthy history, exercise history, goals and limitations, and custom designing a training and nutrition plan accordingly,” Ben describes. While training and nutrition needs vary among Ben’s clients, the overlying philosophy stays the same: “Quality training over quantity of training, the elimination of ‘junk miles’ and a focus on the variables that many athletes tend to put on the backburner.” These, according to Ben, include holistic, nutrient-dense fueling, smart recovery, stress control and deep sleep.

“Many of the athletes I coach (and myself) also implement alternative methods such as cold thermogenesis, electro stimulation and customized nutrition supplement plans. All of which make a big difference.”

Check out Ben’s full race report here and his approach to a winning race-day nutrition protocol.

Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, C-ISSN, is a coach, author and speaker with more than nine years’ experience in coaching professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes in all sports and fitness levels. He runs the popular fitness and nutrition blog and podcast at www.BenGreenfieldFitness.com, coaches triathletes and mentors personal trainers and fitness business owners.

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That is really cool that he is able to train so few hours and still keep up with and beat the other triathletes. I am starting to do the same, focus on quality or quantity and getting more sleep.