“10 Good Reasons to Like WellnessFX”

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“If you love data, technology and are interested in a personalized and systems based approach to your health . . .”

Recently Tarquin, one of our new customers in Arizona, wrote about his experience with WellnessFX Baseline. It seems it was extremely positive! We’re constantly working to bring you the best for your preventive care goals, and hearing this feedback is very helpful. We thought we’d share Tarquin’s thoughts with our loyal readers:

10 Good Reasons to Like WellnessFX – Taken from The WellnessFX Experience

  1. WellnessFX is partnered with LabCorp, a medical laboratory testing company which conducts many of the drawings for our customers. Tarquin only had good things to say: “LabCorp gets a 10/10 for the cleanliness of the facility, brightness of the waiting room, honoring of the appointment.”
  2. We try to make it easy for you (the customer) to have what you need to smoothly transition from sign-up to blood draw to consultation. “It’s a good feeling to know someone cares about resolution,” Tarquin said about his experience.
  3. How many times have you had to wait for what seems like forever to get simple tests back from your doctor? That whole ‘uncertainty’ phase of waiting doesn’t feel good, does it? “I had my blood drawn on a Friday morning,” Tarquin said. “[I] received notification of the results having been reviewed by a practitioner and being published online at noon on Monday.”
  4. We test a lot of biomarkers. While some are familiar (glucose, sodium, cholesterol), most might leave you scratching your head. If you’ve been following our blog, you know we continue to make the knowledge surrounding these biomarkers accessible to our readers. We try to do the same with our product. According to Tarquin, “The team has found a way to present the results in a simple format (either summary or table) with descriptions allowing you to understand both the ranges and the marker itself.
  5. WellnessFX Baseline provides insight on cardiovascular health, inflammation levels, metabolic and hormone balance, liver and kidney health, electrolytes and overall health, all at a reasonable price. “This is on average twice the predictive biomarker diagnostics a doctor will order for an annual physical, includes a consultation with a doctor in the program of your choice, an action plan and the hosting of your results.”
  6. Earlier this year WellnessFX launched a mobile app which helps you build, manage and track your personal health goals. Tarquin had this to say about it: “The iPhone app is a gateway to a wealth of information on supplements and conditions.”
  7. “I was pleased to be able to select from a choice of practitioners,” Tarquin said. “I had 4 options available, complete with bio’s offering a range of specialization including homeopathic, cardiovascular and general practitioners.”
  8. We know it can be hard to keep track of appointments in the midst of a busy lifestyle. Our platform offers notifications after scheduling blood draws, posting of lab results, confirmation of consultation, and a reminder prior to consultation. For Tarquin, “this attention to detail really helps the experience and prevents you from having to change apps or click around to find the required information.”
  9. When it’s time for your consult, you don’t have to worry about exchanging numbers. As our Arizona customer pointed out, “a conferencing line is assigned for your consultation which both you and your doctor dial into.”
  10. WellnessFX is focused on preventive medicine through helping to improve our customers’ health naturally. This means you’ll hear recommendations on certain foods to bring down inflammation, for example, as opposed to medication or supplements. To sum it up, Tarquin’s view: “WellnessFX is part of a new wave of medicine which is focussed on optimizing wellness systematically as opposed to treating sickness and symptoms.”

This was just a summary. Read the full details of Tarquin’s experience here:

The WellnessFX Experience

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