A Glimpse in the Life of a WellnessFX Practitioner: Kathleen Bundy

When she’s not on the phone with WellnessFX members, interpreting labs and providing guidance, Kathleen Bundy is the staff nutritionist at the Center for Health and Wellbeing in San Diego. A Registered Dietitian who works with a wide range of clients, Kathleen is a prolific source of health and wellness knowledge.

For many of our WellnessFX providers, their day to day practice is much different than their member consultations. For Kathleen, clients range from those who are begrudgingly referred to her by their physician, to those who are excited and receptive to new ways of thinking about food.

Kathleen’s journey to a career in nutrition was a natural progression. “I grew up in the garden and the kitchen with a family that liked to eat well.” Raised in Alaska, physical activity and an intimacy with nature were a strong part of her upbringing. This respect for food and the environment evolved to incorporate aspects of psychology and spirituality.

“A large part of my practice is made up of counseling people – not just about how to adopt a healthier diet, but actual counseling.” So many patients’ emotions are tied up in food and eating. Her sensitivity to these emotions and ability to find ways to promote motivation has made her job incredibly rewarding. “It’s important to offer long-term ways to enhance mood, like incorporating essential fatty acids, protein and eating at the appropriate times.”

One patient in particular came to Kathleen with a big problem and an innovative idea. “He called my office and asked if I would be willing to work with him pro bono.” At the time, he was more than 300 pounds and suffered from bipolar disorder. He’s since started a web-based show documenting his journey, and has hopes to get it to a network. “It’s been great – he’s very motivated,” she says. “His main goal is to help others in their struggle.” Check out his Facebook page here.

On the other end of the spectrum are the patients who already seem to be doing everything right. “So many otherwise healthy people come into my office with chronic symptoms,” she explains. “They’re already on restricted diets and they’ve had tests done, but their regular doctors are telling them there’s nothing wrong.” In these cases, Kathleen usually suspects inflammation in response to food sensitivities. “An individualized elimination diet, in combination with a blood test, targets which foods are triggering the symptoms.” To hear that patients feel better for the first time in years? Sounds pretty rewarding to us.

Kathleen Bundy is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in food sensitivities, chronic inflammatory conditions, digestive disorders, metabolism, and weight management. She has worked as a clinical dietitian at Virginia Mason Medical Center and completed a certificate program in Adult Weight Management through the CDR. Kathleen has been adjunct faculty at Bastyr University & Wu Hsing Tao acupuncture school.

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