Behind the Scenes with Coach Carl and Jim Kean: The Trend is Your Friend

Athletes invest significant time and effort into physical training, but even still, the physiology of their body can have a major impact on performance gains and losses. This is why it is so important to monitor the body’s response to life style changes in order to track their effects. Every individual is different and, ultimately, every individual body will have a different reaction to a new diet, new supplements, a new routine, et cetera.

To understand the role that biometrics play in performance and health optimization first-hand, Coach Carl of GymnasticsWOD went behind the scenes with WellnessFX co-founder and CEO, Jim Kean.  Using his personal results as a guide, Jim explains how he interprets the data from his regular diagnostic checks to maximize his health.

Check it out below. Have you seen any trends on your own WellnessFX panel?

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