CrossFit Endurance & WellnessFX Series: Part 1

As the popularity of The Crossfit Games increases, so does the competition. Teams were baffled to find that, despite improving 10-20% over winning performances last year, they weren’t even placing! Four or five years ago athletes could get by on raw athletic talent, even with holes in their abilities. The Games expanded, became more structured, and the margin for these ‘holes’ decreased. Players found themselves walking the edge of their athletic potential just to stay in the running. They were fighting for that 1 or 2% increase, and soon had to look beyond training to find a way. It’s not a situation exclusive to CrossFit. Any athlete who’s been training for a long time soon finds him or herself facing the same question: how to push further?

CrossFit Endurance founder Brian MacKenzie came by the WellnessFX offices to chat with our CEO Jim Kean and Dr. Justin Mager for a series of conversations about the evolution of the CrossFit Games, why athletes are becoming pre-diabetic and how to turn on your “athletic gene” with nutrition. In the first video below, Brian talks about diet and its importance in reaching athletic potential.

The problem begins with younger athletes. Many have the luxury of being able to ignore nutrition and get away with it. When we’re young, hormone levels are high and  everything we eat essentially goes towards growth and development. With age, internal conditions become less ideal for optimal performance. Factors outside of training become more and more relevant. Did you sleep last night? What did you have for breakfast? What does your nutritional plan look like? When Brian MacKenzie first started his training program, he began to ask these questions. His workout program evolved from solely high-volume, long-distance endurance exercises to skill-based training with incorporation of a Paleo-based diet. His athletes experienced considerable improvement. So why can’t you?

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