Guest Post: What is Wellness FX, and Why Should I Care?

Andy Petranek is the founder of CrossFit Los Angeles. He has been inspiring people to lives of health and fitness for over 20 years. His passion for life and sport has led him in many directions – from classical music as a teenager, to the Marine Corps, whitewater kayaking, and professional adventure racing. His skills as a coach come from years spent as a student, his “beginners mindset”, and his desire to grow and learn continuously through life. He trains/coaches individuals and groups of all ages and fitness levels in nutrition, fitness, and athletic conditioning.

Do you remember your last physical?  If it was anything like mine, you spent about 30 minutes waiting for the doctor, had a PA check your vitals, had the doc with you for about 10 minutes during which he poked and prodded, looking at very general things, and asking you an entire smorgasbord of questions, most of which have NOTHING to do with your particular situation, and after drawing blood at the end of the appointment he gave you an “everything’s fine”.  MAYBE you got a call with the results of your blood test, and if you did, it lasted no longer than about 3 minutes, with either a “looks good”, or “let’s get you on Lipitor to lower your cholesterol.”  Sound familiar?

Andy Petranek not falling short at the CrossFit Games

Although your physical will possibly point out MAJOR discrepancies in your health, how does it help you take a proactive role in optimizing your health and fitness over the course of your life?  Answer… it doesn’t.  It falls short, WAY short.

Enter functional medicine.  This branch of medicine distinguishes itself from others in it’s emphasis on prevention and treating underlying causes instead of symptoms. “Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes instead of symptoms for serious chronic disease. It is a science-based field of health care.”  Personally, this is WAY more interesting to me… problem is, it’s time consuming and very expensive.

Enter WellnessFX.  As a company their mission is to empower you to take charge of your health by providing you with personalized data, giving it meaning, and then connecting you with integrative health experts who can help you interpret it.  This is all done through blood testing, laboratory analysis, and an interactive web site displaying your results.  All of this is followed by a 15-45 minute phone consultation with a doctor of your choice who specializes in reading and interpreting your results.  That last piece is KEY.  Seeing results from a lab test is one thing, but trying to figure out what to do with it / about it is quite another.  I have a hard time keeping even just a few test results and numbers straight – imagine having to interpret a battery of 30 – 125 tests!  That is EXACTLY what these doctors do… they will help you make decisions about diet, lifestyle and supplementation you might want to consider to optimize your health based specifically on your numbers.  By the way, this goes beyond “oh, just eat Paleo and take fish oil.”

WellnessFX offers several packages to suit your desired health goals and commitment. It’s truly personalized medicine designed to make you get the most of your time and effort. We’re kicking off a series of draws at CrossFit LA for anyone interested in a better way to manage your health. Join me today.

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Peter says:

Agree this seems like a much more relevant approach to health. I did some research on this in the past and one of the issues was that for many biomarkers/metabolites tested, there wasnt really an agreed-upon reference range within the scientific community, so it was hard to say what was “normal” for some markers. Obviously something like cholesterol has been looked at extensively and there’s a general range of what’s good/bad, but what about all these other markers being tested?

Kaysha says:

This seems like an excellent wellness program.