Full House at the United Barbell Seminar

The WellnessFX team gathered at United Barbell in SoMa this past weekend to host a seminar on sports nutrition, training, and tracking and managing your health.  While snacking on healthful Vita Coco and Justin’s almond butter, attendees listened to presentations by United Barbell co-founder Jenny Werba, WellnessFX co-founders Jim Kean and Brent Vaughan, and WellnessFX physician Dr. Justin Mager.

Jenny kicked off our meeting by sharing how WellnessFX had helped her to reach her health and fitness goals, as well as noting good nutrition was essential to her performance.  Because no one-size-fits-all recommendation exists for diet and supplementation, Jenny advocated using data to inform decisions and believed that “if you truly want to optimize your body’s systems, regular biological assessment should be part of your athletic regimen.”

Next, our founder Jim, who is also a competitive CrossFit athlete, discussed his vision and mission for WellnessFX:  to humanize personal health by bringing world class wellness and fitness optimization services to everyone.  He then turned it over to co-founder Brent who impressed the audience as he delved into the metrics of the WellnessFX platform and shared his personal health journey.  One story that caught everyone’s attention was how standard lab tests could report that a person has healthy cardiac function, when in fact, he or she is at risk for a cardiac event.  Because a typical lab only assesses a few biomarkers, it can often overlook critical health information.

One of WellnessFX’s most popular physicians, exercise physiologist and health strategist Dr. Justin Mager, engaged the audience when he warned about the dangers of over-training and provided tips for how to train smarter not harder.  Dr. Mager also stressed the importance of properly fueling your body and understanding your personal biology to ensure that you are getting enough of the nutrients you need for optimal vitality.

Several enthusiastic attendees stuck around after the presentations to see demos of the product (special thanks to Jim for sharing his profile!) and to chat with members of the WellnessFX team.  Some of the questions discussed included:

Question:  How long do you have to wait after the first blood draw to get retested?
Answer:  We recommend waiting a minimum of three months to get retested to ensure your body adjusts to your new programs and you can see measurable results.

Question:  Does health insurance cover the product?
Answer:  We have worked to ensure the majority of our product is FSA / HSA eligible and are working to develop insurance and employer reimbursement.

Question:  Do you discuss lifestyle in addition to reviewing biomarkers during a consultation?
Answer:  Absolutely.  We believe in truly integrative medicine.  We have a comprehensive intake process which looks at your lifestyle, personal and family medical history.  A discussion of your lifestyle factors into every consult.

The WellnessFX team was thrilled to have such a great turnout and continues to be impressed by the CrossFit community’s dedication to health and fitness.  We are looking forward to our next seminar at CrossFit Potrero Hill on Saturday, February 11th!

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