Nutritional Supplements: The Right Dose, The Right Kind

I want to address the importance of taking the right kind of nutritional supplement(s) and how to determine what the optimal dose of a supplement is for you.  It is not a one-size-fits-all situation. When working with the WellnessFX platform, a trained pharmacist such as myself can review your personal history and laboratory test results to determine what is the best dose and type of supplement for you.  In my practice and with the beta WellnessFX users, I often notice a few typical cases of health shortcomings that can easily be remedied through nutritional supplements.

1)   Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletions:  Many people take prescription drugs without realizing that most drugs cause nutrient depletions.  It is important to know which nutrients are being depleted by your drug(s) so you can supplement with levels of the depleted nutrients to overcome the drug’s nutrient depletion effects.  One of the most common examples is for women taking birth control pills. Oral contraceptives deplete many nutrients, which increase women’s risk of depression, sleep problems, heart disease, weakened immune system, and so on.

2)   Abnormal Lab Test Markers: Let’s say one (or several) your laboratory test values comes back indicating HIGH RISK.  Maybe its elevated cholesterol, or homocysteine, or blood glucose.  In any of these cases, there are natural therapies (nutritional and/or herbal) that can be used therapeutically to improve and/or correct the situation.  The trick is knowing what dose and what form of the specific supplement is best.

3)   Biochemical Individuality:  One of the most genetic variations is in the gene that converts the B-vitamin folic acid into its active form is used in the body.  If you are one of the approximately 20% of Americans who have this genetic abnormality, you have a MUCH greater risk of heart disease and various forms of cancer.  If you are a women, possessing this genetic abnormality, you have a greater risk of giving birth to an infant with birth defects. No symptoms usually manifest for years, until a major health crisis happens.  The WellnessFX platform and team help identify genetic uniquenesses and advise clients as to which form and dosage level is required to help overcome these types of problems.  In this example, a person with the gene variation for the folic acid-converting enzyme will be advised to take the active from of folic acid, which is called 5-methyl folate.  This is critical for these clients, because the genetic variation means they can not utilize the folic acid in foods, nor can the effectively use the common folic acid nutritional supplement.

Understanding your personal health profile is critical to developing an appropriate supplement regimen. With the comprehensive practitioner care and advanced diagnostics of the WellnessFX platform, I can review an individual’s health history and laboratory test results to design a nutritional supplement program that is individualized to fit their unique biochemical and metabolic needs.  This is true personalized health care…and a breakthrough to provide pro-active health advice.

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