WFX Welcomes BD Director Zak Holdsworth

WellnessFX is pleased to now have Zak Holdsworth leading business development efforts. Between his tech business strategy background and affinity for adventure sports and triathlons, he’s a great addition to the team (and not just because of the Oceana accent). A Stanford MBA graduate, Zak initially started working with WFX while at Voyager Capital, where he was focused on deal sourcing and investment due-diligence. Here he describes his initial interest in WFX and where he sees the industry heading.

WFX: Has health always been important to you?

Zak: I grew up in Gisborne, New Zealand, on a farm where–mainly out of convenience–we grew much of our own food. I was also born ­into a family where nutrition and healthy lifestyle were considered important, and health has always been an important part of my life. Later, when I started training for triathlons and mountain races, I became more intentional as I started to understand the impact that sports nutrition and general wellness had on performance.

How do you describe your new role at WellnessFX?

I never expected to work in the healthcare industry as it always seemed too broken and bureaucratic. But when I first came across WFX I didn’t see it as a healthcare company (and apart from a few specific challenges, like regulation, I still don’t). I saw it as a consumer web and data aggregation business that, if successful, would drive systemic positive change within healthcare.

I see my role as director of business development including a few key pieces. The first involves developing and executing on a strategy for aggregating the most interesting and actionable data feeds within the quantified self ecosystem. The second piece is market development. As we look to establish a product market fit for a platform that we could take in any number of directions, it’s my responsibility to define how we can extend our reach most effectively in terms of the channels we focus on and the specifics of how we pitch our product into those channels.

What does success look like?

We believe that increasingly over the next five to 10 years everyone will be able to manage their health online. It’s our mission to become the quantified self platform of choice for consumers. And I believe that we are sitting on the cusp of a wave of innovation that could positively transform the way that people live their lives – if WellnessFX becomes one of the key drivers of this positive change then, in my mind, we will have succeeded.

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