CrossFit, Carson & WellnessFX Monitoring

Members of our WFX team headed to Carson, California, this week to begin tracking a few elite CrossFit athletes, and the setup of their biological profiles through the service coincided with the annual CrossFit games. Besides seeing more than a few “wallball shots” and award-winning Burpees, our team helped with an initial blood draw to begin a custom panel. Over the next year, WFX will monitor these athletes’ biomarkers—from fructosamine to magnesium and potassium—along with providing regular appointments with medical experts.

Regular testing and consultations are intended to give the competitors a clear view of their personal health profiles. CrossFit athletes train to broaden their physical capacity, and with their affinity for evidence-based practices and measurability, they are an ideal group to try WFX services before they’re available publicly this fall. The individuals we’re working with, Annie SakamotoJosh Bridges (bottom right), and Jenny LaBaw (top right), aren’t mere weekend warriors. They’re among the best in the world and have out-lifted and out-squatted athletes competing online and in regional competitions around the world.

By the time they came to “the ultimate test,” no one knew what activities they’d be expected to complete. We watched the three athletes we’re working with excel at the activities prescribed on-site, including double-under jump roping, overhead squats, and handstand push-ups. (Spectators competed in lighter endeavors, though WFX CEO and CrossFit athlete Jim managed to find himself a 600 lb. tire.)

Among the 60 male and 60 female athletes who competed individually, we’re happy to congratulate the ones we tested, who you can see finishing in the top four in their finals here. While we can’t claim helping them know their bodies better (yet), we’ll certainly provide post-baseline updates upon re-testing in four months and before the next round of CrossFit finals in March.

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